Artificial Neural Network

Since we were born, we have developed our abilities until now so that we became more intellectual than when we were babies. While we are talking to friends, reading books, or watching movies, the information is processed in our brain, and we are sure that we understand them. How does our brain make these possible?

Artificial Intelligence is Influenced by Biological Brain a Lot.

Neural network is one of the popular way to construct the system of AI. Well, the reason why it is called neural network is because it is created by mimicking a biological brain. Our brains, including animal’s brain, are constructed of special biological cells called neurons or nervous cells. A neuron has some dendrites, inputs that receive electrical signals from other neurons, and axon, a output that propagates electrical signals to other neurons.


A neuron is connected to other neurons by synapses and consists neural networks. In human brain, there are 8.6 billion neurons, and each neuron has on average 7000 synapses. It is estimated that a three-year-old child has about 1 quadrillion synapses.

Go back to the machine learning, recent AI system uses artificial neural networks. An artificial neuron is coded by programming, and the network is constructed by connecting them.

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