What is AI?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hot developing technology today. It is expected that AI will be able to change the world dramatically in the future. When to think about AI, probably someone imagines robotic technology, another one associates Siri from iOS, and another one again comes up with Amazon Alexa.

What is AI?

First of all, some people might wonder what exactly AI is because people imagine different things when they are asked about it. According to “ A Reference Handbook,” Artificial Intelligence is defined as “the ability to solve problems in an efficient and effective manner, drawing on past experience to heuristically guide the pursuit of solutions”[1]. In other words, Artificial Intelligence is the tool that has the ability to solve problems using many experiences that AI learned from past.

This definition really fits the AI currently appearing in the world. As an example of AI, Google has a system that shows advertisement for the people who are visiting a website, and they will see something interested in on the advertisement. In this example, the problem of the Google is to predict what people are interested in. If the company knows which person has interest in what, it can show an advertisement for the person, and this leads business to success. Next wondering is how Google predict people’s interest. Arielle Duhaime-Ross stated that “the company was capable of assigning ages, genders, and interests based on simple search histories” [2]. Google has another system called Google Trend. This system gives information what is popular in the world from Google Search engine. The company is guessing our information from our searching history.


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