Society 5.0

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Japan is pushing ahead with Society 5.0 to overcome chronic social challenges

Japan’s new blueprint for a super-smart society, Society 5.0, is a more far-reaching concept than the Fourth Industrial Revolution, for it envisions completely transforming the Japanese way of life by blurring the frontier between cyberspace and the physical space.

Source: UNESCO

Japanese government is supporting Society 5.0, the next technological revolution, to solve existing social problems.

We are now living in the Society 4.0

In the information society (Society 4.0), cross-sectional sharing of knowledge and information was not enough, and cooperation was difficult.

Because there is a limit to what people can do, the task of finding the necessary information from overflowing information and analyzing it was a burden, and the labor and scope of action were restricted due to age and varying degrees of ability. Also, due to various restrictions on issues such as a decreasing birthrate and aging population and local depopulation, it was difficult to respond adequately.

Source: Cabinet Office

Achieving Society 5.0

Big Data collected by IoT will be converted into a new type of intelligence
by AI and will reach every corner of society. As we move into Society 5.0
all people’s lives will be more comfortable and sustainable as people are
provided with only the products and services in the amounts and at the
time needed.

Source: Realizing Society 5.0 

Social reform (innovation) in Society 5.0 will achieve a forward-looking society that breaks down the existing sense of stagnation, a society whose members have mutual respect for each other, transcending the generations, and a society in which each and every person can lead an active and enjoyable life.

Source: Cabinet Office

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