Chinese cryptocurrency rating was announced: BTC and XRP rank up

China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) has released its latest version of its cryptocurrency rating ranking, which has evaluated 37 public chains.

As in the previous time, the top 5 blockchains are EOS (EOS), TRON (TRON), Ethereum (ETH), IOS tokens (IOST), and Risk (LSK), and the rankings of both Bitcoin and Ripple have raised by 2, and they are ranked in 12th and 14th respectively.

The CCID rating is published by Chinese government agencies and is provided as an index for evaluating public blockchain technology.
The evaluation criteria are evaluation of technology, application, and innovation, and they are rated by experts from the Chinese government, private sector, and educational institutions.

The top 10 projects are mainly Chinese projects, EOS, TRON IOST, NEO, QTUM, NULS and GXS are ranked.
For projects other than Chinese are ETH, LSK, and XLM.

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