IOST Strategically Invests in Blockchain + Asia’s Largest e-Sports Alliance ATTN

ATTN is a digital e-game platform based on blockchain technology and the ultimate system in the e-Sports industry with many popular PvP games.

ATTN is committed to building a closed-loop network ecosystem with the ultimate goal of maximizing the value of games and e-Sports, migrating player pools, CP pools, traffic pools and webcaster pools on-chain.

ATTN official website:

Exploring the application of blockchain technology in e-Sports

IOST places great importance on developing online games. IOST collaborates with a team of technical and reliable game developers to develop more full-scale playable blockchain games for the IOST ecosystem, and supports its technology, media, community and DApp management.

As the world’s first ecosystem of e-Sports digital gaming platforms, ATTN has a wealth of resources, experience and advantages such as traditional game players, CP, traffic and webcasters.


EVOS ESPORTS is a Vietnam League of Legends team founded in May 2017. Since the team was established, we have hired several former Saigon clown players, two Brazilian MSI players, a top player Stark and an ADC player Srei.

In the 2018 VCS spring season, EVOS ESPORTS played a big role and took the lead with 12 wins and 2 losses. After that, EVOS showed strong control in the new season of 2019, met another strong team-GAM, and finally won the championship.


For the development of blockchain games, ATTN takes the barrier between blockchain games and traditional games, draws the essence from good traditional games, integrates them into the design of blockchain games, and We are committed to introducing features and better playability.

The main goals are to incorporate the rich gameplay of traditional games into blockchain games, improve the game system, lower the user experience threshold, rapidly popularize blockchain games, raise the economic advantages of tokens. At the same time, ATTN relies on the abundance of rich traditional resources to bring more fresh ideas to the ecosystem of blockchain games.

IOST will make a strategic investment in ATTN and will jointly explore the development of blockchain applications in the field of e-Sports. In the future, ATTN will fully support the development of IOST’s blockchain games and will work with IOST to lead the ecosystem of blockchain games.

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